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Affichage des articles du mai, 2004

Patrick Nouhailler - AVG - Anti Virus

It's free , so why bother with expansive and complex antivirus ? Plus that one doesn't pollute your system...
--> I was using another (famous) antivirus before. It came with the laptop and was constantly asking to be installed when I was turning on the computer, so finally I decided to install it with the objective to uninstall it after. But , what a surprise, after the install it was impossible to uninstall it ! (?) . I finally totally deleted all files of this nm,./ program.
AVG is a nice Anti Virus , it work well, so far I never had a virus on my computer, free stuff are good stuff nowadays, don't bother with expansive and complex stuff because they are well known, they don't do better (and sometime they do less) then free program.    

Patrick Nouhailler