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Affichage des articles du septembre, 2004

Patrick Nouhailler - DAEMON

"DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It is able to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today."
- 17 000 000 download of this 500kb tool have already been done .. just to give you an idea on how useful it is. Basically if you have an Iso file (for example) and don't want to burn the file on a CD , and the file(s) inside the Iso need to be on a CD anyway to be played, then you have no other choice, you have to simulate a CD or a DVD, you need Daemon.

Patrick Nouhailler

Patrick Nouhailler - Rosetta Stone

Is it possible to learn a new language without moving from your home (?!) ,

Yes, it is possible. You have 4 images, the person say the sentence and then you click on the image you think represent the sentence you heard. This way you make association between 1: the sound you heard with 2: The image you see 3: and the text you read. If your answer is OK you go to the next series of picture if it's wrong you stay on the same screen till you find the correct answer (3 more choices).

".. adopted by government agencies and corporations—including the U.S. State Department, Deutsche Telekom, and Lockheed Martin—and thousands of schools and universities around the world.. "

Patrick Nouhailler