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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2005

Your Calendar on your Blog

Now my business calendar is at planzo too :

Patrick Nouhailler

Microsoft Office 12

With the next version of Office, it will support saving files to Adobe's Portable Document Format, or PDF.Office, which once had 100 commands neatly organized into menus, ballooned to contain some 1,500 commands. Office has long been one of the company's most profitable products, it generated more than $11 billion in revenue--more than one quarter of Microsoft's total revenue in fiscal year 2005.

Patrick Nouhailler

Sun's OpenOffice

Google will be able to deliver programs across a wide range of computing devices by using Sun's Java-based applications. Google will pay no licensing fees when using Sun's OpenOffice software, which is part of the open-source development community.

Patrick Nouhailler

Don't Be an Every Minute Manager

Don't Be an Every Minute Manager . Too many bosses seek to control their employees' every nanosecond at work. But it only kills motivation and stresses everyone