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Affichage des articles du mars, 2006


Free web email in Flash, complete with desktop functionality including right clicks, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, skins, sound effects AND MORE ...

Patrick Nouhailler


Skobee is a small company based in San Francisco, California--just one block from BART, occupying the same block as the famous Si Senor chicken mole super burrito, and a stone's throw away from John Collins .For the time being, they are focusing on invites. they are building a fun and simple way to gather friends together for everyday social events like dinner, drinks, movies, and so on.
Theirs goal is to grow Skobee into a place people turn to when looking for something to do. There are a number of great sites out there for finding a good restaurant, meeting new people to hang out with, or searching for large events like concerts or lectures. However, when we're looking to go out on a Friday night or get something together for the weekend, we still find the Internet to be a poor resource and they are excited to help cure the boredom problem.

Patrick Nouhailler