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Affichage des articles du juin, 2007


Swaptree is a new and innovative way for people to easily trade the books, cds, dvds and video games they are finished with, for the ones they want, all for free. With swaptree, your collections stop gathering dust and can be used to acquire other items you want. By offering to trade a single item, you can choose from thousands of books, dvds, cds, and video games that you can receive in exchange. Best part: everything is free, you only pay shipping.

zattoo - TV on internet !

Zattoo is a proprietary peer-to-peerInternet Protocol Television system ("P2PTV") with current focus on European channels, licensed content, and Digital Rights Management. It is developed by researchers and programmers based out of Ann Arbor, with corporate offices in San Francisco and Zurich. As of December 2006, the product is in public beta testing. The player is based on H.264 (QuickTime and ffmpeg), and is Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible. It needs a minimum downstream bandwidth of 400 kbit/s on the client side.


What is Doodle? Doodle is a web-based tool to find suitable dates for appointments with other people. No authentication or registration is necessary. This makes Doodle particularly useful for people who do not use one common calendar or groupware system. Doodle can be used to find dates for meetings, dinners, cinema, events, party and so on...